Called “one of the state’s top theatre companies” by The Denver Post, the Creede Repertory Theater inspires Creede visitors and residents with the best of contemporary and classic theater from May through September.  One of only a handful of true repertory theatres still in existence, CRT produces 7-10 plays in rotation on two stages—the Mainstage Theatre and CRT’s new black box space, the Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre.  The theatre is only one of very few in the country that caters to a repertory schedule. Repertory, by definition, means, "A type of theatrical presentation in which a company presents several works regularly or in alternate sequence in one season." It is one of the most difficult ways to run a theatrical company due to the rehearsal requirements. Creede's cast have long days and long nights in preparation for the season ahead. This alone sets the Repertory theatre away from the rest and adds a unique, ever changing flare to what Creede has to offer.

How does a small theater in a tiny, historic mining town manage seven shows in eighteen weeks on two stages?  Cat Augur, CRT Executive Director, is daily inspired by “the people who are committed to making the world a better place through the arts.”  Indeed, it is the daily commitment made by CRT’s year-round staff that helps make Creede such a magical place.  An important objective for the CRT is to continually deepen the experience of its audience.  One way CRT does this, is offering a range of Audience Enrichment events to share backstage secrets with friends and fans.

If you have ever wondered how they choose plays, how the scenery is constructed, or just want a peek into the controlled chaos of backstage, you should attend one or more Preshow Talks, CRT Chatbacks, and Backstage Tours.  These free programs are led by CRT company members (including actors, playwrights and costume designers.  Preshow Talks take place 30 minutes before curtain during selected performances and offer juicy insights into the play you are about to see.  Over breakfast in the morning or wine in the evening, CRT Chatbacks offer the opportunity to discuss the plays in a casual, fun environment.  Backstage Tours are a great time to learn about CRT’s colorful history and backstage secrets.  Don’t forget to ask about the hilarious hijinks that can happen backstage, hidden from the audience’s eyes.

CRT also offers a broad cultural arts service to the area by exhibiting the best regional artists in its galleries, and offering exciting educational programming.

The best way to start your inspired Creede evening is with dinner at one of our many fine dining establishments.  After dinner, head back uptown for the CRT Preshow Talk and performance.  After the show, walk to a local tavern for a nightcap and live music. Before you head to your bed we recommend a meandering walk down Main Street.  Take your time and notice how the stars blanket the dark night sky and be inspired, all over again.

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