Mineral County

Mineral County is located in deep within the Rocky Mountains of Southern Colorado. Featuring 95% public lands, residents and visitors find untouched mountain scenery, abundant opportunities for hiking, camping, skiing, fishing and hunting, and remote mines and ghost towns to explore.

The City of Creede is the only town in Mineral County. Established in 1892, Creede's history and economy has been built on silver mining and continues today through tourism. Art galleries, shopping, fine dining, historical tours, and the Creede Repertory Theatre attract visitors to town year round. The tenacious spirit of the locals and the versatility of the community have enabled Creede to thrive at 8852 feet for 125 years!

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In accordance with Colorado law, Mineral County is governed by a three-member Board of County Commissioners. County officials are elected to four-year terms.

Mineral County Offices
County Administrator 719-658-2360
County Assessor 719-658-2669
County Clerk/Recorder 719-658-2440
County Treasurer 719-658-2325
Combined Court Clerk 719-658-2575
The Mineral County Sheriff's Department serves both the County and the City of Creede 719-658-2600
Regional Library 719-658-2313
County Shop 719-658-2329
County Land Use Office 719-658-2360
Mineral County Health Center 719-658-2416

Mineral County Dental Clinic 719-658-0322

The Mineral County Fire District, served by a volunteer fire department, and the Mineral County EMTs provide emergency services in and around Creede including search and rescue services.

Below find a link to sign up for emergency notifications! https://public.coderedweb.com/CNE/10A6B9DE4E71


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