We get a lot of people that come to Creede with a big city clock pushing them around. They feel the clock urging them to go fishing, hiking; eat – all in a hurry. Hurry to what? You’re already in Creede and Mineral County! Slow down, breathe in the clean air, take in the sights, you might just find something that you’ve missed time and again.

Creede and Mineral County are home to many beautiful sights like the waterfalls and far reaching vistas but some of the smaller man made gifts are overlooked. Take in the mural by Stephen Quiller located on First Street. The mural, “Four Seasons” was commissioned by the Creede Arts Council in 1992 after a suggestion by Stephen Quiller. After four months of time and 320 square feet of painted material the Quiller Gallery workshop endured a door modification to extract the beautiful artwork. With the help of townspeople, the presentation was made in 1992 and hung on the “Elk’s Building” for all to see.

Stop by the Art Park on Main Street for sculptures and dedications and to view a beautiful moose mural by Charles Ewing. All through Creede and Mineral County you will find splashes of art and vision, all you have to do is slow down and look.

(pictures of artwork, sculptures)

The Creede Arts Council will host its first Creede Sculpture Show on August 20th and 21st. “The Creede Sculpture Show is a juried show sponsored by the Creede Arts Council in Creede, Colorado. This is a unique opportunity for artists to show and sell their work. 2016 is the first of hopefully many years of introducing more sculpture pieces to this already very artistic community. The show will be held in the Basham Park area and around downtown Creede. Winning sculptures will receive cash awards and be displayed, if the artist agrees, in Creede after the show. One piece from the show will be purchased by the Creede Arts Council and be put on permanent display in Creede.” Creede Arts Council

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