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Ed Knight. Ed Knight is an award-winning landscape and nature photographer based in Creede, CO. His passion for photography started during a college-era trip to several of the great parks of the Rockies. That old Kodak Instamatic may have seemed an impossible tool for serious photography, but it did help him learn how to capture the essence of a landscape.

Rocky Mountain scenery often causes me to step back and say, 'Wow'. But the impact of those 3-D scenes is difficult to retain on a flat sheet of paper. My most successful approach has been to simplify the landscape, emphasizing only those elements needed for composition and emotional impact. My favorite ways to simplify are to shoot in rain, fog and snow, weather most consider futile for landscape photography. A half-bubble off? You decide.

Ordering Artwork. You may view all of Ed's currently-available images on his web site, www.edknightphoto.com, & you may order them in the form of many art products as shown in the chart that follows:


Regular Panoramic
Digital Files . . . . . . .E . . . . . . . . . . E
5x7 Greeting Cards . . . . E, M . . . .E, M
5x7 Christmas Cards . . . E, M . . . E, M
Bare Prints. . . . . . . . . . . E, S . . . . . . . E
Matted Prints. . . . . . . . . .E, M. . . . . . . . E, M
Framed Prints. . . . . . . . . E, M. . . . . . . . E, M
Gallery Wraps. . . . . . . . . E, S . . . . . . . . E

To order items, contact Ed ( E ), the Mountain Lighthouse & Gallery ( M ), or view the website ( S ).

E - located off of Colorado Hwy. 149 near Mile Marker #32. You may also place orders by contacting Ed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 719-658-0182. If ordered from his home studio, pricing for prints (not cards) includes free shipping to the lower 48 states and any Colorado sales tax.

M - You may view selected work and place orders at South Fork's Mountain Lighthouse and Gallery. This gallery is located at 23 Buck St., along US Hwy. 160 approximately 1/4 mile west of South Fork's Post Office. Telephone 719-873-5810.

S - www.edknightphoto.com

Large Canvas Panoramas. One of Ed Knight's newer art products is a large canvas panorama. Ed captured the images used in these Giclee canvas gallery wraps as multiple stitched exposures, resulting in exceptional detail. A professional photo lab produces canvas prints from the images using large-format Epson printers and inks. Made from archival materials, the print is predicted to last from 85 to 100 years. Images available for these prints may be seen in the 'Large Panoramas' gallery on Ed's web site. All will print to a minimum of 5-feet long and many will print well to a length of 10-feet or more. Contact Ed for a brochure on these gallery wraps or download the link on this page.


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