Early Summer in Creede & Mineral County

Summer activities are off to a quick start! BINGO is in full swing on Monday nights at the Creede Community Center, Storytime has begun at the Creede Repertory Theatre . Coming up we have the Father’s Day ATV Poker Run, and soon to begin is the Creede Chute Out! (see attached poster)
Our days have been reaching into the mid 70’s and our nights are cool and comfortable around 40 degrees. The trees are full green, the flowers are budding and blooming and the streams, lakes and river are bubbling with fish. Creede shops are bursting with new products but still offering some of the “good old stand-bys” as well. People visiting the many restaurants are boasting of the delights offered for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and ice cream! Stop into the chamber during your visit to pick up your entry form “Dining at 8,852ft” for your chance to win $50 just for dining out in the area. 

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