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Fall is approaching with the month of September moving in ever so quickly; BUT WAIT! We haven't finished off August yet! We'll finish it off in style with Creede Repertory Theatre presenting the Annual Headwaters Festival August 28th, 2015 from 10AM-4PM. Adding to the weekend excitment, the Creede Early Learning Center offers the Upper Rio Grande Tour of Homes; Tickets can be purchased from the Chamber of Commerce at 904 South Main Street, Creede or by calling 719-658-2374 with a credit card.

Then on to Creede's very unique Labor Day Weekend celebration! Salsa tickets are currently available for purchase and 12 salsas are already signed up to compete. Are you a Mountain Runner? Bring in your number to the Chamber and recieve $1 off of your salsa tickets! 


Visitors find themselves running out of time to do everything there is to do. No worries, Creede and Mineral County aren't going anywhere; just make plans now to visit again next year. Many of our lodging businesses take reservations now to make sure you can be back with us again next year. 

Creede & Mineral County Chamber of Commerce

904 S. Main St.  •  PO Box 580  •  Creede, CO 81130


Any donations to the Creede & Mineral County Chamber of Commerce are appreciated. As a non-profit organization, we thrive on the kindness and charity of our visitors. Thank you!

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