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While Creede is full of people hustling and bustling around, the Chamber is beginning work diligently on Creede’s Cabin Fever Daze. What is Cabin Fever Daze? “Cabin Fever Daze is a local festival that allows Creede locals, visitors and friends to throw off the shadow of snow and get outside! Originally an unofficial tradition from the early 1970s, Cabin Fever Daze was local Creede residents’ opportunity to let loose, celebrate and encourage the arrival of Spring. Our current incarnation of Cabin Fever Daze is very family friendly and encourages everyone to get outside on Main Street and into the mountains to catch-up after the long winter.” – courtesy of M.J. Wallace
Make it your plan to visit us in February 2015 for Cabin Fever Daze!

But for now, with temperature highs from mid 70s to mid 80s in our mountain valley we can expect the following events!

Stay fit healthy and fed in Creede and Mineral County. Attached you will find information on Creede Fitness and the scheduled classes they offer. There is no need to do without when you’re on vacation! Creede Fitness instructors offer valuable knowledge of Yoga, Pilates and strength training. Karma Health and Fitness instructor, Mike, can motivate you to move more to lose weight, be stronger and happier at 8,852’ elevation.
Dine out with us and enter our $50 give-a-way! The Chamber of Commerce for Creede & Mineral County has the entry forms, all you have to do is grab yours, dine at local restaurants (qualifying restaurants named on the form) and return the form to the Chamber. If you haven’t tried them yet: Tommyknocker Tavern offers great sandwiches made with their own smoked meats, at Far Dog the breakfast kick starts your day, and Antlers Riverside Restaurant will help to end your evening with a wonderful dinner and unrivaled atmosphere! That’s not all; our area offers restaurants of all shapes and sizes and most of them also offer vegetarian options. We are proud to say that our restaurants provide quality food with fair pricing; make it a part of your visit to Creede and Mineral County.

Creede & Mineral County Chamber of Commerce

904 S. Main St.  •  PO Box 580  •  Creede, CO 81130


Any donations to the Creede & Mineral County Chamber of Commerce are appreciated. As a non-profit organization, we thrive on the kindness and charity of our visitors. Thank you!

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