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Cameras are kept close to the person to catch that rare glimpse of a grouse, fox, moose or bear. Moose have been the thing to see this summer; we have reports of over 14 moose in one location! With the rains keeping everything cool and wet the flowers are lingering, waterfalls keep falling and the mushrooms have shown themselves to be vibrant and tasty.
Summer is winding down, but NOT without a party! Coming this weekend we have a full agenda for those wanting to stretch out every bit of shine, fun and color.
Friday begins with the Balloon Festival at 7am. Look to the sky south of Creede for your view. Saturday and Sunday will continue with morning flights.
Saturday continues with the Balloon Festival and the Creede Mountain Runs! Challenge yourself to a 2 mile walk or run, a 12 mile Bachelor Loop run or the 12,000 ft. in elevation reaching 22 mile run. Beginning at 11am, the Salsa Fiesta gets fired up and continues to 4pm. Salsa tickets will be for sale at the Chamber or at Basham Park for a small $8 fee. Keep the children entertained at the Children’s Carnival hosted by the Creede/Mineral Arts and Rec Dept. at the Days of ’92 Park. And finish your day with the Balloon Glow at Seime Park near the Creede Cemetary.
Sunday brings cars of all shapes and sizes with the Gravity Derby on Creede’s Main Street. Manned derby cars will race with the power of gravity on their side starting near the front of the Creede Repertory Theatre and finishing at the junction of 4th Street and Main. Bring your homemade vehicle up to compete for the trophy, monetary prize and bragging rights!
Don’t go away so soon! The ATV Rodeo will be Monday at the Mineral County Fairgrounds. Register from 10am to noon with the competition beginning thereafter. Barrel Racing on an ATV? You gotta see this or better yet bring your ATV, UTV or dirt bike and give it a shot yourself!

Creede and Mineral County is the place to be on Labor Day Weekend!

A big thank you to the gracious sponsors of the weekends Chamber events:
Mountain Run Sponsors:
Kip’s Grill
The Blue Yak Salon & Boutique
San Juan Sports
Club at the Cliffs
The Holy Moses Gift Shop
Kentucky Belle Market
Horizons Ceremonies
Mines & Memories
A&L Coors
Creede & Mineral Co. Chamber of Commerce

Gravity Derby Sponsors:
Creede & Mineral Co. Chamber of Commerce
Creede/Mineral Arts and Recreation Dept.


While Creede is full of people hustling and bustling around, the Chamber is beginning work diligently on Creede’s Cabin Fever Daze. What is Cabin Fever Daze? “Cabin Fever Daze is a local festival that allows Creede locals, visitors and friends to throw off the shadow of snow and get outside! Originally an unofficial tradition from the early 1970s, Cabin Fever Daze was local Creede residents’ opportunity to let loose, celebrate and encourage the arrival of Spring. Our current incarnation of Cabin Fever Daze is very family friendly and encourages everyone to get outside on Main Street and into the mountains to catch-up after the long winter.” – courtesy of M.J. Wallace
Make it your plan to visit us in February 2015 for Cabin Fever Daze!

But for now, with temperature highs from mid 70s to mid 80s in our mountain valley we can expect the following events!

Creede & Mineral County Chamber of Commerce

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Any donations to the Creede & Mineral County Chamber of Commerce are appreciated. As a non-profit organization, we thrive on the kindness and charity of our visitors. Thank you!

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