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Mineral County

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In accordance with Colorado law, Mineral County is governed by a three-member Board of County Commissioners. County officials are elected to four-year terms.

Mineral County Offices
County Administrator     719-658-2360
County Assessor     719-658-2669
County Clerk/Recorder     719-658-2440
County Treasurer     719-658-2325
Combined Court Clerk     719-658-2575
The Mineral County Sheriff's Department serves both the County and the City of Creede     719-658-2600
Regional Library     719-658-2313
County Shop     719-658-2329
County Land Use Office     719-658-2360
Mineral County Health Center     719-658-2416
Mineral County Dental Clinic  719-658-0322
The Mineral County Fire District, served by a volunteer fire department, and the Mineral County EMTs provide emergency services in and around Creede including search and rescue services.

Creede & Mineral County Chamber of Commerce

904 S. Main St.  •  PO Box 580  •  Creede, CO 81130


Any donations to the Creede & Mineral County Chamber of Commerce are appreciated. As a non-profit organization, we thrive on the kindness and charity of our visitors. Thank you!

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